5 years ago Meghan Markle was in Diceys(Harcourt Street, Dublin)promoting €2 drinks.

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5 years ago Meghan Markle was in Diceys promoting €2 drinks……Gives me great hope. #royalwedding https://t.co/sCMvpKQnXB https://twitter.com/mclougmi/status/997798473880690688?s=17


Strawberry scented posters? Irresponsible advertising by Pernod Ricard.#alcoholadvertising


Anyone noticed Oxford Circus Tube station smells of strawberries?!🍓😱 We’re taking passengers on a brand experience with the use of strawberry scented posters on London Underground for

@IrishWhiskeyAsc boasting -hosting young and immature students from France. Were they informed about the danger alcohol poses to their health & well-being?

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We were delighted to host the wine and spirits students from Beaune Viti-Agro in France who are visiting Dublin. The IWA team gave a presentation on the importance of the Irish Whiskey GI & international trade. Best of luck to the students & lecturers for the rest of their visit