More and more women opting for whiskey as their choice of beverage,



Bourbon Women mentioned in an article in the . Enjoy!

NEW DELHI: THE barometer seems to be tilting towards more and more women opting for whiskey as their choice of beverage, globally as well as in India. Nearly a third of Whiskey drinkers in the UK are now women.  Worldwide that figure stands at 25 per cent.

Music is not the only commonality between singers Lady Gaga and Rihanna. It’s whiskey too.  While Lady Gaga loves her Jameson Whiskey, Rihanna has sung songs about the spirit. Johnny Walker has actress Christina Hendricks as their model for the Black Label Scotch.


Heineken sell alcohol all over the world



Today The Global Fund & HEINEKEN launched a partnership to advance a common goal: ending HIV, tuberculosis and malaria as epidemics in Africa. HEINEKEN has been present in Africa for over 100 years & recognizes the continuing need to fight these diseases.

Women the key target, @TaliskerWhisky. Diageo News