Diageo putting Aimée Morrison out front.

47 minutes ago

Aimée Morrison here, taking the reins on Diageo’s social channels. I always feel incredibly privileged to work as part of such a passionate team, whose breadth of knowledge and expertise grows on a daily basis.


Diageo selling ALCOHOL putting Kate Gibson out front

Nov 30

2/2: Kate Gibson also joined Diageo in the newly created role of Director of Diageo in Society. Kate will be joining Diageo in March 2019 to lead the team responsible for ensuring that Diageo plays a positive role in all the communities that we operate in:

Diageo putting Ila Byrne in the spotlight.

28 minutes ago

“Every day I’m inspired by new things I taste, observe or experience so I try to channel that creative energy into my work & workplace,” Ila Byrne, Innovation Director at features in ‘ latest “Women Running the Liquor World.” Full story: