Guinness furtively selling alcohol use Demba Bamba and Lucy Hely-Hutchinson

Feb 23

Well done Demba! prop Demba Bamba receives the Guinness Six Nations Man of the Match Award from Lucy Hely-Hutchinson of Guinness



Guinness selling toxic alcohol with Kate Geraghty

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Anheuser Busch put Paula Lindenberg in the spotlight

Joanna Bourke

Business interview in

today is with Paula Lindenberg. She leads Budweiser Brewing Group UK & Ireland, owned by Stella Artois maker Ab InBev. Lindenberg discusses growth, craft beer and moving to London from Brazil.

AB InBev’s UK boss is aiming to boost brewing giant’s market share
Tucked away behind Chancery Lane station is what looks like a start-up office. There is a bar, a chandelier made of Stella Artois glasses, beanbags and staff in jeans and T-shirts. To add to the

Budweiser selling alcohol put Tatiana Stadukhina out front

Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I

Our marketing director Tatiana Stadukhina is named in

’s top 100 marketers of the year for her work on brands



and more. Congratulations to everyone who made the list!…

Diageo put Ila Byrne in out front.

28 minutes ago

“Every day I’m inspired by new things I taste, observe or experience so I try to channel that creative energy into my work & workplace,” Ila Byrne, Innovation Director at features in ‘ latest “Women Running the Liquor World.” Full story: