Diageo putting Syl Saller out front.

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“Balanced creative teams produce better work, balanced leadership makes better decisions & gender-balanced workplaces benefit others.” from our CMO on our partnership with . Head to to read more.

Diageo to sponsor Creative Equals returners scheme

Beverage company CMO said ‘it’s not enough to talk about change’.



Diageo putting Hollie Stephenson out front.@GuinnessUS


Learn more about Head Brewer Hollie Stephenson, who just so happens to be ‘s Beer Person of the Year, with some excellent words from . ^Heather, Guinness Correspondent

2019 Beer Person of the Year: Hollie Stephenson – Imbibe Magazine

Hollie Stephenson, our 2019 Beer Person of the Year, is taking something old and making it freshly brewed at Baltimore’s experimental Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House, Guinness’ first U.S. brewery…


Alcohol is a psychoactive drug-it goes straight to your brain. Once you start taking it common sense goes out the door. For Drinkaware to ask people to be careful drinking in the cold is nonsense.

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Winter seems to have arrived and if you’re drinking alcohol, it’s important that you take extra care in the cold. Click here to understand why it’s important to be extra careful when drinking in cold temperatures.