Centra Ireland selling cheap wine – targeting alcohol addicts.

Hornhead is a rich Malbec wine, with notes of dark fruits and a rounded intense palate. 🍷
Was €11.99. Offer valid until 16th October.
Over 18s only, please drink responsibly.

Anheuser Busch put Paula Lindenberg in the spotlight

Joanna Bourke

Business interview in

today is with Paula Lindenberg. She leads Budweiser Brewing Group UK & Ireland, owned by Stella Artois maker Ab InBev. Lindenberg discusses growth, craft beer and moving to London from Brazil. standard.co.uk/business/paula

AB InBev’s UK boss is aiming to boost brewing giant’s market share
Tucked away behind Chancery Lane station is what looks like a start-up office. There is a bar, a chandelier made of Stella Artois glasses, beanbags and staff in jeans and T-shirts. To add to the