Diageo putting Hollie Stephenson out front.@GuinnessUS


Learn more about Head Brewer Hollie Stephenson, who just so happens to be ‘s Beer Person of the Year, with some excellent words from . ^Heather, Guinness Correspondent

2019 Beer Person of the Year: Hollie Stephenson – Imbibe Magazine

Hollie Stephenson, our 2019 Beer Person of the Year, is taking something old and making it freshly brewed at Baltimore’s experimental Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House, Guinness’ first U.S. brewery…



Drinkaware putting up a pseudo-respectable front so their masters, the drinks companies, can profit from the sale of alcohol.


Good initiative Asda Dundonald store to learn about ⁦⁩ helping customers make informed choices about alcohol consumption levels. Good response from customers.

Diageo putting @LaurenMote out front.

‘I’m thrilled to join the conversation about the positive role alcohol can play in celebrations. For me, it’s important to provide people with practical advice in a way that feels inspiring’, Global Cocktailian

Nice to come home from a hard day and reward yourself with a drink. Problem is nobody told you about the toxicity of alcohol and how it destroys your insides.

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Our global responsible drinking campaign returns, promoting moderate drinking & tackling misuse. We’ll be sharing how our employees are advocates for positive drinking whether with friends & family or the people they meet through their jobs: